Time 4 Shourie

When the new govt took over last year … people were naive enough to believe that things would change … for example they probably thought that Namo would not be afraid of people who had genuine understanding of their domains ¬†… that he would not hesitate to tap their expertise .. that he would not engage in retribution for their genuine criticisms ….. since .. weren’t the previous¬†govt and its party leaders thereof guilty of these?

As for many of us, Namo failed on these very counts the moment he inducted Jaitley, Swaraj and Irani for their respective portfolios … Running India is not the same as running Gujarat or a chai stall …. such arrogance and willful disregard of the people’s good-faith …..!!

What is the point in crying over spilt milk? ….

Here is a potential solution …

Fire Jaitley, Irani and Swaraj ….. Appoint Arun Shourie Deputy PM … allow him to choose and groom youngsters for these and other ministries he might want under his full direct control … Namo focuses on only big picture issues …